Doors are just about to close... 

Doors are just about to close... 



Want To Strip Body Fat & Add Pounds Of Muscle In Just 8 Weeks?

Want To Strip Body Fat & Add Pounds Of Muscle In Just 8 Weeks?

Use my Proven 6 Step TORCH FAT™ Method to Training & Nutrition On our Famous 8 Week Transformation Program

Use my Proven 6 Step TORCH FAT™ Method to Training & Nutrition On our Famous 8 Week Transformation Program

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Simple... No Contracts Just 8 Weeks Of World Class Results

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ONE TIME OFFER ($37): You're not just buying Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. In condimentum aliquam arcu, ut pharetra nunc feugiat in. Nam tempor dui non mi mollis vulputate. Donec fermentum arcu ac mauris placerat, quis mattis mi porttitor. Nulla condimentum felis lacus, eu viverra dui congue a.

✅ You'll get immediate access to over 15 workouts to progress through, starting at a 'beginner' level and progressing to a 'progressed' level so that there is a workout to suit everyones ability level. Each workout comes with a scheduler so you can fit these workouts into your routine with ease. These are guaranteed to get you into amazing shape so you can be confident with the way that your body looks… 

✅ We will guide you throughout the whole process from calculating your specific nutrition targets and how to track these to step by step guides on how to stay accountable throughout your journey so that you can be happy to take your top off around the pool after losing body fat… 

✅ Let us give you an amazing diet plan packed full of recipe ideas for you and your friends and family to enjoy so you can STOP spending time figuring out menus and what to cook… 

✅ You will gain the support you need within this group, stay motivated from the results you and the community are achieving and enjoy the journey. Enjoy support from like-minded men in the private Facebook group… 

🔥Get all the knowledge you need to transform your body into the physique that you deserve.

… and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

Now you never have to worry that you don’t have the time to make a change againwe will give you a structure that fits your lifestyle!

Secure Your Space To Start Tomorrow At Only £249 Which Is 50% OFF! (This is about to end)

Simple... No Contracts Just 8 Weeks Of World Class Results

Grab One Of The Last EXTRA Early Bird Spaces And Save £249 (first and last time I will EVER be offering this!)

Why join our 8 Week Challenge?

  • Are you sick of having nothing to show for your hard work and dedication?
  • Do you want to become stronger all whilst torching body fat and adding pounds of muscle?
  • Are you ready to craft your dream physique?
I have personally been where you currently are and I know first hand what it feels like to desperately want to achieve results but just not knowing where to turn to achieve them. You know you're ready but you're just not sure what you should be doing to see predicable weekly results. The solution is here with my Proven 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge where you'll work closely with me and my team to implement our 6 Step Approach to Training & Nutrition that has helped 100's of men all across the world get into killer shape.

There are thousands of fad diets and "quick-fixes" out there promising a quick solution but only leave you out of pocket and banging your head against the wall. My 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge is unique.

As a member of The Famous 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge you'll get FAST, PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT RESULTS with a realistic, sustainable and enjoyable plan that you could see yourself following for years. You'll work closely with me and my team and we'll build a program around you and your lifestyle so that you can gain confidence, build your dream physique, love every step of the process and most importantly have a bulletproof plan to follow for the rest of your life.

If you're ready to TORCH FAT, BUILD MUSCLE, take charge of your life and leave everyone questioning how you got into killer shape - there's no better time than NOW. Are you ready to join the 100's of men who have changed their lives with my program?

Yep that's me running through The 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge. I strongly believe in leading by example so what better way than running through my life-changing program.

“Working with George has completely changed my life for the better. Without sounding so cliche it's true. I wasn’t heading in any direction with my diet and general health and I was out of control. Fully knowing I needed to do something about it, I did. I found George over social media. Heard he does Personal Training and online coaching so I gave him a go. He has given me a new outlook on training and my general well being with food and maintaining a healthy balanced diet. It’s been some journey with him and he offers such a wide range of options, whatever it is you require he will deliver it for you. I was 18 stone and I’m now two stone lighter and it’s only going to get better for me. Do something great and get in contact with GO Coaching for awesome results.”

James Green

"The main reason that I think you should go and work alongside of George as part of GO Coaching is the simple fact that he inspires confidence and that confidence is part and parcel to his approach to training. He's excited when you achieve something and then he turns around and goes sick here's the next thing we're going to do. It's and incremental step but you notice an initial burst of change and it's all positive, absolutely positive and he's there to support you and help you along the way."

James Croft
So again, if you’re a man who wants to lose body fat, build muscle and walk around with confidence, understand this:

✅ Now is the time to change and to stop putting your goals and happiness to one side.

✅ It is time to stop feeling insecure with the way you look, deflated with your lack of progress and confused about where to start. Are you ready to start making a change?

Making the changes that you desire will totally revolutionise the rest of your life! 

And The 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge holds the key to your success for a better physique and more confidence. 



Doors are just about to close... 

Meet your new coach for the next 8 weeks...
George O'Farrell
...who's helped 100's of men lose 10 - 18 lbs of body fat and add pounds of muscle in 42 days or less from the comfort of their own home
Almost 5 years ago... back when I was overweight and had zero confidence I decided I needed to change - a choice which was huge, scary and to be honest with you I still remember that horrible anxious feeling.

I remember I wanted to get into shape for a holiday... it was actually a holiday to Turkey.

I was that guy who wouldn't take his top off around the pool (I was that self-consious).

It was something I used to wake up thinking about and go to bed thinking about.

If you've ever woken up and looked in the mirror and hated the way you look and have no certainty where/when you're going to see results... I know how you feel.

Talk about the opposite of what you expected when you started your fitness journey... 😔

So, after months of spending hours on the treadmill, hours in the gym, hours prepping my food in the kitchen, excluding all the foods I actually loved (say no to eating plain chicken, broccoli and rice!) and not seeing a single ounce of progress I decided to seek out new information.

I attended conferences, watched YouTube videos, read blogs and signed up for my first coaching programme.

Within DAYS I had turned a corner.

I implemented one strategy that landed me not only a consistent route to predictable results each week, but it was such a big, high quality strategy that I still use it to this day for myself and my coaching clients...

The biggest win was the amount of stress and uncertainty that was lifted from my shoulders... I felt like a completely different person!

But I didn't stop there. I continued to learn from others, implement and grow.

A year later I had built a body that I was 100% happy to see in the mirror (and yes I was able to take my top off around the pool in Turkey and every holiday to follow!)

From here, other men all across the world wanted me to coach them, hearing of and seeing the success that a guy who used to be overweight achieved in such a short space of time...

I started coaching men to lose 10 - 18 lbs of body fat and add pounds of muscle in 42 days or less.

Now through my proven coaching methods I've now helped hundreds of men do exactly that...

Now I know exactly how you're currently feeling... I've been there!

So let's kickstart 2021 and give you some of the strategies so you to can achieve 100% body confidence this year!

Men were coming to me with the same brutal struggles I had when I kicked off and I knew exactly what they were going through. It's torture. Literally. And I know you know that feeling all too well too...

I wonder are you feeling how I used to many many years ago before I figured out these proven strategies:

> Years of trial and error
> Years of wasting money on the 'next best program'
> Years of throwing money against the wall to see what sticks
> Years of Google searching trying to find the answers
> Years of hardship, struggles and unhappiness

Anyone who knows me knows I would drop everything and give my final coin to help someone who was struggling.

So I decided to teach the bullet-proof fitness methods I developed over years of hardship whilst getting myself into shape and coaching others, in the simplest format possible to men so they can take immediate action and drastically improve the way they look, feel and perform quicker and more safely than I - or anyone else around them - ever did.

But instead of joining my coaching and mentorship programmes ranging from £497 to £2,499 - you can work closely with me for the next 8 weeks for just £249!
No thanks, I don't want to achieve my dream body
Over the next 8 weeks you will...
  • Progress through 15 workouts progressing from beginner to intermediate and then advanced
  • Razor focus your roadmap to success so you can see predictable results every single week...
  • Re-structure your nutrition so that you can eat the foods you love (yep you can still have a social life) and still achieve your dream body
  • Build your tailored step-by-step plan to eliminate all the guesswork
  • ​Nail your 8 week plan
  • Lose 10 - 18 lbs in the first 42 days or less!
...OR you'll deem £249 for 8 weeks of close coaching and implementation in to your health and fitness not worth the return you'll get across the YEARS to come using these time saving, super effective simple systems...
No thanks, I don't want to achieve my dream body
RESULTS or your money back...
If you read all of that and you don't think everything included plus the outcomes provided are worth just £249 (if you get the Extra Early Bird Offer - RRP £497) which by the way this offer is only going to be available for the next 10 men (chances are there's less spaces whilst you're reading this)...

...then it wasn't a good fit to work together anyway...

BUT as a bonus if you complete your personalised workouts, follow your specific nutrition targets and use The 3 A's™ every week and you haven't lost a minimum of 10 lbs in 8 weeks I'll straight up give you your money back no questions asked (that's how confident I am)!

If you're an action-taker and you CAN'T WAIT to begin, click the button below now to secure your space before Extra Early Bird's CLOSE!
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